Days Gone for PC is now available for download. It is the exact time of the premiere

If you pre-ordered Days Gone on PC, you can download the game now. Bend Studio revealed when we will be able to fire up the title.

The production of Bend Studio will appear on our computers on May 13

The gameplay materials make a positive impression and we will soon see if the PCP Port will meet the expectations of the players.

The title weighs quite a lot, as much as 70 GB, so some people may take a long time to download. Fortunately, the developers anticipated this. If you ordered the game on Steam, you can start downloading it so that you can start playing immediately after its premiere without worrying about prolonged installation. Of course, if you took a Tuesday morning off.

Bend Studio has announced when we will be able to launch Days Gone on PC

We will start the game on May 18 at 6:00 a.m. Polish time. If you have a busy day ahead, you will have a good chance to chill out as you explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The morning premiere is not the most convenient, but it is still important that the title was released on time.

Now it remains to keep your fingers crossed that Bend took care of good optimization. If you played Horizon Zero Dawn on PC on the day of its release, you probably remember that Guerilla’s production debuted with considerable problems. Hopefully Days Gone will be released in a satisfactory condition.

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