New for PS4 and PS5. One is free for 10 days after the premiere

New games are headed for PS4 and PS5. PlayStation consoles will get some new features, one of which will be available for free for a limited time.

Last week was very rich in new games for PS4 and PS5

The players then received a few titles for many hours, most of which are big hits. This time, there will be no big blockbusters, but it will be interesting anyway.

On May 18, players will be able to check out Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice. Older players probably don’t need to be reminded who the legendary Larry is. Laffer The latest installment of the erotic adventure series will be released on consoles and, as usual, will flood us with typical Larry humor.

We will wait two days for the next premieres

On May 20 we will play two interesting turkeys. If you like smaller titles, it’s worth taking an interest in them.

The first, Just Die Already, is a humorous title in which we have to live as long as possible by playing the role of an old man. What’s more, literally all of his surroundings want the death of the pensioner. Additionally, the game can be checked in online mode.

The second turkey is The Amazing American Circus

The players will have to manage an extremely bizarre circus and present guests with spectacular performances. In addition, all this has been enriched with elements of strategy, turn-based games and … card games. Unusual combination, but you can like it.

The final release for PS4 and PS5 this week is Knockout City. Starting from May 21, every willing player will be able to try his hand at this title for 10 days for free. The production published under the patronage of EA is an online action game, in which players are tasked with defeating opponents in a bizarre variant of the dodgeball. Unfortunately, it is not known whether a PS Plus subscription will be required to check the game.

After a few big debuts, players can finally relax a bit. Nevertheless, it is worth slowly gathering strength for subsequent premieres. There will be no question of boredom.


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